Our History:

The Buna Public Library opened its doors to the public in February, 1973 with a collection of 2,000 books in Mrs. Lillie Walters’ Insurance office where it continued until 1979 when the new owner needed the space.  The library, having no place to go, had to be stored.  The book collection had in the meantime grown to more than 4,000 volumes of hard-backed books and 2,500 paperbacks, most which were donated by the people of Buna.  The books were stored in a local attorney’s office until funds were secured and the new library was constructed.  The funds consisted of special grants and local contributions. Many fundraisers were conducted and supported by the people of Buna.  The new library opened in March 1983.      

At this time the library employs one full time employee at 39 hours a week and the library is open 36 hours due to the dedication of our faithful volunteers.  The library has grown so much than in 1989 a new expands was added.  In March 1989 a 5,000 sq. ft. addition was open to the public.  

The new addition includes an upstairs meeting room.  The meeting room is used for many activities such as GED class, summer reading program, computer class. Over the last fifteen years our Library has grown to a collection of more than 25,000 books, videos, cassettes, DVD, and magazines, which were mostly donated by the people of Buna.  The library offers projectors, public Internet computers, typewriters, copies, fax’s and DVD movies.  Many people in our area and surroundings areas use our library, some days as many as 150 people walk through our doors.  We have become an important part of our community and we take pride in that.